This is my Diet

Well here I am in Beautiful Thailand and I got a kick in the ass, so now I am straightening out my life. The first thing that has to change is my Diet. Eating whenever I want and lots of high sugar fruits late at night. Waking up and not eating for like 6 hours. It's just not right, another thing is sleeping habbits, have got to change. Waking up before the sun is the proper way to live.

From this day forward I will start living life by schedule and on a strict diet. I am going to eat according to McDougall's recommended diet. High complex carbohydrate diet with no animal products.
Except lab grown meats. 55555!!

My main food everyday is brown jasmine rice, topped with vegetables, tofu, and sauces. I want to start eating taro root aswell. For afternoon snack I'll eat papaya yogurt with rice.

Brown rice is generally regarded as a low-glycemic food, with beneficial effects on blood sugar control.

My BMI stats

Maintain weight
100% Calories/day

Mild weight loss
0.25 kg/week
3,202 93% Calories/day

Weight loss
0.5 kg/week
2,952 86% Calories/day

Extreme weight loss
1 kg/week
2,452 71% Calories/day

Daily intake 1000 Grams cooked rice = 1080 Calories
A mix of Vegetables and sauces
Fruit and yogurt afternoon snack
Plus currently I go on Elliptical Machine 10 km on Level 10 everyday