Super Fast Photo Reading

Reading has got to be one of my least favorite things to do, it just takes forever word by word thousands of pages boring stuff like chemistry, biology, patents, law, medical books, there are literally billions of pages of text and who can read them all?

Photo Reading you say whats that?

The world is upside down, opposite of the truth, reading is a job for super computers aka unconscious mind, stupid schools taught me the wrong way to do everything, reading for pleasure is one thing, but reading to be smarter, you need the right tools for the job.

So this is how it's done, get adobe extention for chrome, download a pdf from pdfdrive or where ever you want, open it in your browser, tap/click the fit to page on the right hand side, tap/click rotate so the text is upside-down then click the screen and press and hold the spacebar, if you want it to flip pages faster or slower change the repeat rate on the keyboard in the settings. I like about 10 pages per second (30 pps), that way it doesn't take forever to read a book and you can still see every page, I find it flows very smooth. Keep your eyes open during the process or you'll miss out. If you need something to focus on keep your eyes on the address bar, that way the book is still in your visual field. If it's too much for you zoom out more so the pages are smaller. Thats it friends enjoy.

Let your conscious mind relax and the supercomputer will process everything

Oh one other thing, the only limits in this world are the ones you create for your reality

Here a seconds clock to time how many PPS
Total pages divided by seconds equals PPS