Make a personal diary website

This is a very simple process, in less then 5 minutes you'll have a place to submit all your deepest secrets and it will be stored safe and secure in your google drive.

Here's how to do it

Create folder in google drive Tap on then More then Google Forms

Design your form page, just play around with it. It's really simple

After that Tap Send then embed looks like "<>" then copy the code

Then Create new project on Glitch the Hello Webpage

Paste your embedded form code in index.html after the <'h1'>Hi there!<'/h1'> and you can change background color in the style.css page

To review go back to google drive open the form you created, at the top it will say Questions Responses when in responses you can also tap the sheets icon and it will automatically create and link your responses to a google sheets

You can create a personal diary free and easy with high security knowing all your secrets are safe

You can make any forms you like also possibilities are infinite