Surrender Yourself

The Unconscious mind has access to everything, it can see the whole picture past, present, and future. Our conscious only sees a very small portion of the whole picture, I know we like to think we're always in control I mean it is your life right? How do I say this, everyone has a part to play, a set of tasks to accomplish and some people perfect those task, they become natural, automatic. I got kicked in the head, something in me came out and told me that I make all the wrong desicions in life and things would keep being fucked up if I kept making decisions, this aggressive being said surrender your wholeself to the unconscious every choice and decision everything, my entire life I was fucking making a mess of everything, and my life was I mean it wasn't that bad, but I knew if I wanted to achieve the goals that were lined up for me, I had to surrender my life to the Unconscious. And that is what I did and life has since then been on track and I have tons of goals and working towards achieving all my dreams. It's super nice because no stress my super computing unconscious now directs my life and I just play along, advancing thru life working through shit using the skills I leart along the way to help advance the levels of life. So thats my story about that, it's really a great life when all the hard work is automatically done for you.