Creating your own Training

Have you ever wanted instead of just reading a book to attend a training on the topic and who better to present it than your quantum computing brain.

It's very simple to do, here's how;

Photo read a book several times with the intention of creating a training

Wait at least a day for your brain to process the book before hosting the training

Create the Teacher it can be anyone you want, favorite mentor, alien, animal, even another version of yourself

Create the Enviroment example;
Hotel Conference Room,
Nature like Jungle setting with monkeys,
Ocean view,
any enviroment you want.

Create the tools used in the training example 3d hologram projector, laser pointer, lights, cameras, etc.

Create participants like the other people at the training
Authorize participants to ask questions or not.

Set time and date, create Invitations if you want.

Remember this is your training, created from your imagination, the only limits are created by you

Enjoy your Training, time works differently in mental world, a one week training can be completed in minutes even seconds.

The more you do this the better you'll become