Changing your mood instantly

Have you ever had something go wrong and it ruined you whole day? That's a very common thing in todays world, everything has to be perfect to be a great day. Well what if things can really get on your nerves and still have a perfect day. It can and it will happen to you.

Here is how to
make it so

Have five minute to spare, think of the worst thing ever that has happened to you, if nothing comes to mind just fake it. Think of words like "Hate Mad Destroy Kill." So you're really mad now and ready to destroy the world!! Be mad for like one minute. Now think of the greatest moment ever words like "Joy Fascination Excitement" Be the happiest ever for one minute. Now think of your first love ever, remember the "Pure Blissful Pleasure Exploding Inside you." Feel that for one minute. Practice changing your moods rapidly, use your imagination and make it intense, then change and make that moment intense, then change it. Later in life you'll notice that everything can be going wrong and you can smile and say everything else can fuck off I'm having a great day meanwhile laughing inside!!

Life is great, Enjoy every moment even when you think thing are going wrong.